Karachi Target Killing

Towards understanding the Real Game in Karachi

The Real Game in Karachi

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This site carries a series of well-researched and substantiated articles and other readable and viewable elements to expose the real game inKarachias against what the general perception is or is made to be. Following is a list of what is available for instant reading. Do keep visiting the site regularly for further additions to the list.


  1. BEWARE KARACHIITES: Your ‘friends’ in ‘Rawalpindi’ are conspiring mass-scale ethnic riots in Karachi as a prelude to deployment of a military-backed apolitical national government (classic military strategy; first create chaos and unrest, like they did in Swat, and then move in and take credit for restoring peace)


  1. Mirza’s invective: Substance or spin? 
  2. State-inspired mayhem of Karachiites – Zardari & Kayani collaborate to convert Qasba colony and Orangi town into Gaza
  3. Army and PPP in a ‘good-cop, bad-cop game’ to sabotage Afaq’s Haqiqi’s absorption into MQM
  1. The real game in Karachi – are Karachiites being killed to keep the federal and KP governments afloat? (Read whether what is happening in Karachi is semblance of an ethnic strife or a turf war between the MQM and ANP or PPP’s and ISI’s coordinated proxy war or replay of the 90s. Read also how PML-N and PPP have common goals in regards to Karachi and as to whose interests does the Karachi unrest serve?)
  2. Stoking ethnic tensions for national security – from insurgents to proxies (Read how the military establishment is trying to divert the insurgents from the risky and less lucrative insurgency in Balochistan and Tribal areas to a highly lucrative, state-directed & state-patronized ethnic conflict in Karachi. Also how the same elements killing or facilitating killing of Baloch and Pakhtun in thousands in Balochistan and KP & tribal areas are conspiring to pit Baloch and Pukhtuns against the Muhajirs in Karachi.)    


The security agencies inPakistanhave reportedly come up with various Joint Investigation Team (JIT) reports in regards to theKarachiviolence continuing almost unabated for the last three years. The security agencies forming such JIT, as per PPP government and newspaper reports, include agencies from both the civil and military side including ISI, MI, IB, Rangers, FIA, Police, Special Branch, CID, etc. The participation of almost all security agencies, from across both civil and military sides, in the country is cited as one key reason for the rightfulness of these reports whereas the competing theory is that these reports have been purposedly fabricated for political blackmailing and in line with a perverted sense of national security. With a wholly non-partisan approach, let us analyze some of these JIT reports, in order to gauge their credibility, including:

  1. The initial JIT inquiry report published by Umar Cheema in The News
  2. JIT reports published by Ansar Abbasi in The News
  3. JIT report of an alleged target killer Anas bin Haroon published by Ansar Abbasi
  4. JIT report of alleged target killer, Ajmal Pahari
  5. JIT report of Wali Khan Babar murder – Is Wali Khan Babar another Hakim Said? 

BRIEF POSTS (some untold facts, deeply entrenched misperceptions & ‘motivated’ media reporting about Karachi unrest)

Untold facts

  1. Is the ethnicity of the army general a key determinant of peace in Karachi or otherwise? – Beg and Musharraf were different to Karachi from Janjua and Kayani
  2. What is the game – rangers and police bystand, terrorists kill people right in front of them and even with their aid – what is the story behind this blatant state persecution of Karachiites?

Deeply entrenched misperceptions

  1. Is de-weaponization ‘the’ solution to Karachi unrest?
  2. Karachi violence is semblance of an ethnic conflict between the Muhajirs and Pukhtuns?
  3. PPP is unable to quell violence in Karachi because of dependence on MQM?
  4. Why would a government inspire or tolerate violence within its tenure?

‘Motivated’ media reporting

  1. What is Ummat newspaper upto – it cares least about reporting on any other aspect of a target killing victim but only his ethnic affiliation, which could potentially fuel further ethnic tensions?
  2. How about Najam Sethi and how did he rather surprisingly end up on Geo?

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