Karachi Target Killing

Towards understanding the Real Game in Karachi

State-inspired mayhem of Karachiites – Zardari & Kayani collaborate to convert Orangi town and Qasba into Gaza

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Non-Muslim identity Amnesty international comes to the rescue of besieged Karachiites while so-called mujahids of Islam, ISI/rangers, facilitate the siege despite desperate calls from the Orangi town Muslims even through loud calling-out of azans

 The close coordination between the army establishment and the PPP inKarachithat knowledgeable people knew for long has escalated from covert to overt level in the current (first week of July 2011) mayhem inKarachi. The close coordination between these two parties converges on a common interest to create and patronize proxy forces to confront and control the MQM (for details and substantiation of this claim, please read ‘Real game inKarachi’ on this site).

The recent incidences in the aforementioned areas are now a clear signal as to how respective forces under Zardari and Kayani are ruthlessly slaughtering Karachiites to achieve one single goal, which is to again forcibly drag MQM into the coalition as more than 90% of the people in these affected localities belong to the Urdu-speaking community that is associated with the MQM.

Such coordination is evident on how rangers and ISI (essentially under the command of Kayani) and police (under control of Zardari) gave open evidences of their patronization and aid to the mass murderers in Orangi and Qasba. Such patronization and aid became evident from:

  1. How rangers and police remained mercilessly silent as bystanders at the mayhem in Orangi and Qasba for almost a week (this is abundantly clear from numerous media reports)
  2. Not only did they remain silent but also provided assistance to the terrorists by providing weaponry replenishments to the murderers stationed on hilltop posts (caught on camera) – these hilltop posts, using their strategic elevation position, are the core source of mayhem and persecution of the residents in Orangi and Qasba
  3. Most importantly the terrorists have got these highly fortified, secured and strategically-built posts courtesy the rangers who built them on the promise of providing security to the qasba locality situated at the footsteps of the hills and then cunningly handed over the same to the terrorists now stationed on them who have been caught on camera across all Pakistani channels. A look at these strategically-built posts, their structure, material, etc suggests that even had the terrorists wanted, they may not have been able to build such posts. Additionally, residents of qasba who are essentially at fatal, point-blank range of some of these posts say that they have been bluffed by the rangers because they only allowed for these posts to be constructed such close to their houses as it was rangers who made them otherwise they would have done all possible resistance to their construction, given the fatal nature of these posts for them.
  4. One may think that while the head of rangers and other senior officers are from the regular army however the force is essentially a para-military under the command of the federal and provincial interior ministries. Anybody who understands the institutional dynamic, the dotted lines, etc in case of rangers will tell you that rangers will never indulge in such glaring aid and abetment of the mayhem without clear instructions from the army high command. In case there is no such command, as image-conscious as the army seems to be, the rangers will rather stay away than to play such blatantly partisan role.
  5. After facilitating terrorists (as per above) for almost the entire week to lay siege to the innocent citizens of Orangi and Qasba killing close to a 100 people, rangers finally under pressure from MQM and international humanitarian agencies, especially amnesty international that gave a strong-worded statement, moved in to ‘rescue’ the besieged people out of Qasba instead of trying to create a secured environment to accommodate them back to their homes. This of course is in line with the PPP’s interests to vacate Qasba of people who are MQM voters as Qasba colony falls within the SITE town, that previously elected a MQM town nazim but now PPP in aid from ANP and military establishment is trying to ensure its victory in this town by vacating Qasba that geographically is a small part of SITE town but is a densely populated area contributing a major percentage of the SITE town population.
  6. And after almost five days of this state-sponsored repression of Qasba and Orangi town residents, when the rangers finally moved in they opted to add further misery to the plight of the Qasba people by initiating a search operation against them as against conducting such operation or arresting the culprits stationed on hilltop. In fact, as expected, these culprits were allowed to flee and the ranger only further tormented the people who were the victim of such blatant state-sponsored terrorism. More interestingly, the rangers, in their search operation, dismantled sandbag and other material protective structures in Qasba that residents had established to seek cover from the relentless firing from the hilltop while made no harm to the firing-posts made at the hilltop that the terrorists used to fire from. This step of course has further endangered the Qasba residents who will have no such protective cover to take as and when a conflict resurfaces in Qasba.
  7. Another major testament to the connivance of the military establishment is how the known and literally declared establishment party, PML-Functional led by Pir Pagara, crossed over from opposition to the government side in Sindh when the MQM was expecting their support on crossing sides to the opposition.

Let us request the army establishment and civil administration under control of Zardari to show mercy on the innocent Karachiites, stop playing the proxy game inKarachiand find some non-violent ways to act on their perverted security doctrine and political interests.


Written by karachitargetkilling

July 29, 2011 at 11:15 am

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