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JIT report of alleged target killer, Anas bin Haroon

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According to the JIT reports, Anas bin Haroon confessed before the JIT of having killed three innocent citizens as revenge. Anas was listed as black by the JIT. He is a student of B.Com and is an employee of National Bank of Pakistan. He was arrested in July 2010 and his case is being prosecuted inside the jail.

However, Anas’s father, Haroon Rasheed a resident ofNorth Nazimabad,Karachi, has disclosed some startling information in his written and well-substantiated version:

  1. The police forcibly took signature from his son on twelve blank sheets and later declared his son a killer while the JIT report quotes the confessional statement fabricated on such paper.
  2. He further discloses that, “One Faisal, a friend of his son, was killed near Gulistan-e-Johar Town by activists of a political party in July 2010 and Anas lodged the FIR against those people. Haroon has also mentioned the FIR number which is: 362/2010 dated11-07-2010. After this incident, three young people were killed near King’s Residency, Gulistan-e-Johar and as revenge the political party workers implicated Anas Bin Haroon in murder case with FIR No 702/2010 dated: 23-07-2010,” claims the father adding that his son remained with him the whole day when the three youths were murdered.
  3. Lastly and most importantly, Anas’s father also produced an affidavit with his version, which is from one of the complainant who says that Anas was innocent and the person who was involved in murder was Anas son of Shahrukh and not Anas son of Haroon.

The last point above is indeed the most startling. The said complainant is an activist of a political party, ANP, patronized by the government according to most analysts whereas Anas as per JIT is affiliated with the MQM. Had such affidavit been given by an ordinary complainant, one could have assumed that the same has been extracted by way of coercion. However, in this case there is no likelihood that the complainant could have been coerced or convinced to favor a rival political party activist (Anas). With such affidavit almost certainly factual and correct, one can only bemoan at the hollowness and glaring falsity of the JIT and its members who, merely on the basis of a forced confession, labeled Anas as black. But of course this also speaks volumes about the capability of our security forces who were able to extract confession of crimes otherwise alleged on Anas bin Shahrukh (by the complainant himself) from a wholly different and unrelated person, Anas bin Haroon. Wonderful and unparalleled indeed the achievements of the JIT and its proud members including ISI, IB, CID Karachi, Special Branch, Pakistan Rangers, Karachi Police and others.

Also read: http://www.thenews.com.pk/TodaysPrintDetail.aspx?ID=6086&Cat=13&dt=5/21/2011


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July 29, 2011 at 11:24 am

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