Karachi Target Killing

Towards understanding the Real Game in Karachi

Is de-weaponization ‘the’ solution to Karachi unrest?

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  1. Any effort at de-weaponization will go futile unless the sources thru which arms flow intoKarachiare plugged. Without plugging such sources, any effort of de-weaponization will only benefit arms dealers & smugglers as the weapons seized thru such de-weaponization campaign will land back with such dealers & smugglers and they will then again sell the same to people inKarachi. And of course, such campaign will also benefit elements within the security establishment if one were to understand the linkage between the security establishment and such arms dealers/smugglers as such illegal trade in weapons cannot happen without their patronization & personal monetary interests. Truckloads of weapons cannot travel all the way from tribal areas toKarachiwithout being afforded extra ‘courtesy’ at various manned checkposts all along the route toKarachi.
  2. In our opinion, the key reason forKarachiunrest is not proliferation of weapons but inaction and patronization of criminal elements by the civilian and military regime for their own vested political and perverted national security interests. When guns continually fire for four days without cessation in Orangi town and the security forces choose to purposely stay away and allow the mayhem and then suddenly emerge after 4 days to control the situation in half an hour, you cannot blame the guns but the inaction of such security forces. And when no arrests are made of those who caused such mayhem by stationing themselves on hilltop posts constructed by the rangers, you again cannot blame the guns but the obvious patronization of such murderers by these security forces.

Without end to such patronization and inaction, you may even bring the army and still results will be no different. End such patronization and inaction and even the police will do. So the solution to Karachi’s woes lies not in an operation, de-weaponization, army deployment, etc but merely an end to patronization of criminal proxy forces by the same security forces we pin our hopes on.


Written by karachitargetkilling

July 29, 2011 at 11:28 am

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