Karachi Target Killing

Towards understanding the Real Game in Karachi

What is the game – rangers and police bystand, terrorists kill people right in front of them and even with their aid – what is the story behind this blatant state persecution of Karachiites?

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Politicians want to make sure that they complete their full five year term and for that to happen they must have Karachi’s political party stay the course with them and for that to happen such Karachi party must be blackmailed that if they dare step out of the government, proxy criminal gangs shall be unleashed on them, the resultant violence will be entirely blamed on them and then be subject to further persecution thru yet another military operation. Army generals have their own historical and some new interests inKarachi’s violence. The new interest emanates from the perceived threat of a great game episode in Karachi and the consequent need to preempt that whereas old interests lie in creating a spectacle of democratic failure and dilution of 100% economic dependence on Karachi whereby continued violence helps shift new investments upcountry.

Unless such perverted political and military interests are addressed, there is very little likelihood ofKarachiseeing any peace underRawalpindiandIslamabad.


Written by karachitargetkilling

July 29, 2011 at 11:33 am

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