Karachi Target Killing

Towards understanding the Real Game in Karachi

What is Ummat newspaper up to – it cares least about reporting on any other aspect of a target killing victim but only his ethnic affiliation, which could potentially fuel further ethnic tensions?

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It has been explained in detail on this site that it is no one else but the Pakistani state’s civil and military organs who are trying to foment ethnic tensions inKarachifor their own perverted political and military interests. Ummat newspaper is one of the least circulated newspapers however its circulation does increase at times of turmoil inKarachifor its ‘spicy’, motivated and rather sadistic reporting on violence. However, even then, the circulation is far less than mainstream Urdu papers and yet you would be surprised to learn that it is the biggest recipient of government ads. Take up Ummat on any particular day and you would find full half page colored government ads. This is how the newspaper is funded by successive establishments and this is how it is motivated to toe a particular line.

And you would also be surprised to know that the current editor of the newspaper, Rafiq Afghan, is a nominated accused in the murder of his father-in-law who was the editor of Takbeer, Salahuddin. It is no one else than Salahuddin’s daughter and Rafiq’s former wife who has nominated him citing his greed to take over the estate of her father, which apparently he has successfully done. And she also says she took separation from he husband for exactly this reason.


Written by karachitargetkilling

July 29, 2011 at 11:37 am

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  1. Execellent brother . Keep up the good work and amke the people of Karachi to understand the facts.
    Please update your blog .

    Thanks and Regards


    August 20, 2011 at 5:46 pm

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